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**in case it’s hard to see the links, anything that’s bolded is a link!**

hello my fluffy bunnies u w u

today i’m here to introduce you to a store called yeon-in

yeon-in means sweetheart in korean and is an online shop that sells a variety of kfashion, kpop goodies (omg) and others ;uuu; 

the best part about their shop is that shipping is only $1!! i find that incredible considering international shipping is rather pricey, so i highly encourage you to check their shop out!

you can see that their products based on exo and bts (as;dlkfj;;) so for those exotics and armys out there, this is the perfect place for you! i’m a huge bts fan so i literally squealed when i saw that they were selling these bts sweaters (comes in both black and white) for $25: 

** they also have GD’s one of a kind hoodie**

Bangtan H-93 Sweater

and they also sell a lot of minimalist and b&w (black and white) clothing in their “tops” section~ for example, this pervert t-shirt is only $13. it’s a really nice shirt because the design is really nice and you can also style it in many ways ^^


and my favorite part of their store is their huge and gorgeous sweater collection! some of my favorites include the angel wing jacket which is only $16 (comes in both black and grey). this is really cheap compared to other shops, because i’ve come across the same product except they cost $24, so you’re saving $8 here (now isn’T THAT JUST FABULOUS :D) 

Angel Wing Jacket

my ultimate favorite is a tie between the pacman sweater (comes in white, grey, and navy blue) and the hello kitty sweater, both $20 and the most adorable things ever!



in addition they have these super cute spiky headbands for only $3 each (comes in pink, blue, black, and white)!


lastly, they have a small, yet very pretty stationary corner where you can get these awesome ninja bunny post-its for $2 only! they can be used for bookmarks and writing cute notes to your friends or crush


thank you so much for sticking to the end and reading this! please take some time to check out yeon-in ^^ it only takes a click! oh, and watch out for discounts and some more news on this fabulous store!

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